PunG.io is available as a free IOGame. You’ll enjoy pung.io If you love fighting with your fists in your free games from IOGames. You’ll be using your fists to play this game. After every fight, you’ll earn experience points and other game currency to boost your stats. These stats can be turned off and modified by you to create an individual character that fits your style of play. You can also buy new characters using Gold. This allows players to create unique characters that are distinctive and dominate the battle. Pung.io is an IOGame, which means that the other characters in the arena can be controlled by real gamers around the globe. You won’t just be testing your skills against NPCs, but you will also be playing against real gamers. By splitting the other players, players will earn gold. There are no restrictions on your stats and level.

You can interact with various arena elements, and move them using the keyboard. Mouse to point at the person.

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