allows you to play classic games online with acquaintances and friends.

Monopoly is the basis of this game. The differences lie in the themes and the aesthetics and designs. You can buy properties in any part of the world including America, France, Italy, China, France, Italy and China. does not require registration, and it requires an internet browser capable of running HTML5.

Richupio is available for up to four players. Each player will be awarded 1500 dollars at the start. Roll the dice and then move your character to the right spot on the board. Any property that is located on the site can be purchased. You will be penalized if someone is found in the property. To increase your payout you can purchase all properties within the same category. Based on your particular situation, there could be other areas of the board with an impact either positive or negative.

The game is similar to real capitalism. friends are able to snare and lure you into a trap if they have the money to bet. Engaging with other people is a risky activity. You can join in the fun and increase your online dominance when you feel confident.

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