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BitPlanets.com is an Io-based tower defense game that is based on space. It’s where you’ll need to be able to conquer other planets.

Last update Date: 2021/07/18

Last update updated on 2019/08/31

To provide a general view, updaded UI

Ability to earn XP

A better tutorial

Minor game tweaks

Last update: 2019/08/25

Updade UI.

The creation planets were fixed in a new game

Last update. Last update: 16 February 2019

To keep this game ad-free (currently we don’t use ads and earn zero money) We invite you to join us by joining us on Twitter to help us.

About Bit Planets

High-quality RTS with high-quality browser without ads or registration mobile, and desktop. It takes just one click to start. Be the king in the universe. You can construct and attack planets. Play online with your friends. How to Play Bit Planets More info here: http://bitplanets.com/ The objective of the game Conquer as many planets as you can before the time runs out. How to send ships into other planets to collect them. To purchase more planets, you can send ships. You need to send ships conquer new planets and destroy the units on the target planet. After you have completed this, you’ll be capable of claiming the new planet.

How to:

To send ships, select your planet, and then click on the planet you would like to send the ship. The ship will be built and shipped as quickly as possible. Ship streams Are you bored of manually sending ships one at a? Now you can create a stream of ships and it will dispatch ships on autopilot. If the planet is occupied, or if there are at minimum 50% of the units on the origin planet, it will not send the ship to the destination planet.

To create a ship stream, click on the icon that is identified as ” Stream” Select the planet that you came from and then click on the planet you wish to visit. To remove the stream, click on the platform and follow the arrows. You can build planets. You don’t need an enormous amount of money to build a new planet.

To create a planet, click on the icon labeled ‘Planet’ and click on an empty area. Only if the planet is created will you be charged.

Find a notification at the lower right-hand corner for more information.

Overlay ranking

Do you wish to be the top? Pay attention to the ranking. How to do: It’s located in the upper-right area of the screen. The number is a sign of the rank of the player. The cloud icon signifies whether or not the player is online. Last is the number planets owned out of all the planets in the game (1/160 = 1 planet owned out of 160 total planets). Bit Planets Strategy Send ships to attack other planets, discover the weak points. To benefit from new game pathways, build strategic planets.

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