run 3

Run 3 Game

Run 3 is the third chapter in the famous platforming adventure that takes you on an incredible journey through space. You control a glowing baby spaceman who runs through corridors filled with gaps, platforms and other obstacles. 3D graphics are displayed from a third-person viewpoint and there are many levels that can be connected to form one continuous course.

Each Run 3 game starts with a level selection screen. This allows you to quickly access areas you’ve previously unlocked and allow you to continue from any section you choose. You can avoid gaps and holes by moving left and right using the arrow keys or by sliding when playing on mobile. Or you can jump over them by pressing Space. You will not lose any progress if you fall to your death.

The developers made Run 3 available for free on almost all devices once again. The levels are short and the gameplay is interesting with many twists and turns. Run3 is a great online platformer that will keep you busy and not waste too much time.

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