is a space-based, strategy-based io game where you travel around the globe and compete against other players. Take out the current leader, or attempt to score the highest score for yourself! You are your own weapon and everyone else’s worst nightmare. is which is a 2D simulation based on physics, lets you orbit Earth and eliminate other. It is simple to use. Start on the Earth and then launch your boosters to orbit to establish an orbit. You can get the highest score, or eliminate as many leaders as you can to be the winner. You’ll be the final target. Everyone is on their radar and making plans for their own strategies. You can do whatever you need to do to be the winner. Do not let other players hit you with the Earth. Stay on top of the list for as long as possible and keep it there! can be played on any device, such as tablets, smartphones, or computer. When you type in your username the spaceship will start immediately. Create an account to have access to the internet and other features.


To speed up the speed of your ship, or to create an orbit, press space. Tap or click the screen.

To open the chat window you need to press enter. Then, give the other players a verbal sparring game.

Write your message in the chat box once it’s opened.


You can boost up once to begin, then increase the speed to the top to expand your orbit and escape from the Earth

To earn more points, go further to the Earth.

Keep to the edges for those who want to be secure but be aware of your score, as you’ll earn fewer points

-Sit down on the Earth when you’re looking to chat and enjoy the action

-Wait to have a good chance of striking Earth or to alter your orbit to avoid your targets

To eliminate an incoming player, perform a quick sequence of boosts, beginning with the launch

Don’t overdo it, or you’ll spiral out of control.

Increase the speed to avoid being returned to Earth in a huge explosion


To achieve the highest score For the best score, try to orbit the Earth as close as you can. But don’t let other players crash into your spacecraft, or you’ll be forced restart the game. You can climb the ranks and become the leader. Once you’ve taken the lead, keep up your good work and stay out of trouble. You can hold onto your crown!

Do you not feel like chasing the record with the most impressive record? Instead, focus on the leader and prevent anyone else from trying to break the record. You can change your direction or plan a series of exciting moves to knock them off their feet with a powerful explosion.

Create an account on the third party service to keep track of your highest score and the number of leaders you have knocked down. Claim the crown, and then show it off! You can beat anyone’s score!

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