is a game that was inspired by the snake is a game of competition. You are a mythical creature that dwells in the deeps of the ocean and fights for its survival.

To increase your height and become more muscular, you must consume plankton and fish.

Your risk to sea dragons of other species is greater the bigger your population.

To earn new cards that feature various sea dragon species, complete quests

The controls are easy to use:

  • To direct your dragon’s path Move your mouse cursor
  • To sprint, press or click the Left Mouse Button.

Be aware that sprinting can decrease your mass. It is crucial to utilize it correctly.

To survive, your body needs to be capable of stretching. Your chances of luring other dragons caught in a trap are higher if you’re larger. Be cautious, however – regardless of how much mass you possess, make sure that you don’t come into contact with heads of other people. Single impact means defeat.

To unlock new species or to level up your own to unlock new species, collect cards. The longer your body is the more advanced your dragon’s level.

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