Shakes & Fidget

Shakes and Fidget can be played as a free MMORPG. If you’re fond of creating your own character, playing quests, side quests, fetch quests, and battling bosses to gain more loot and experience points You will surely enjoy Shakes and Fidget – ironically obviously. Shakes and Fidget, a funny and hilarious game that lets you create your own character and earn points in arena battles. You can also go to taverns and fight dragons. If you enjoy the thrill of creating your own character and taking on side quests, fetching quests, and also fighting bosses to earn more loot or points for experience, Shakes and Fidget will be a great game. Shakes and Fidget contains your most loved MMORPG mechanics and tropes but transforms them into a series of hilarious twists. It’s a fresh and exciting take on MMORPGs. And if you’ve played the doom and gloom super serious MMORPG games for download, you should give this game a try. You can choose your race and gender as well as your class to personalize your character prior to stepping into the wild unknown to discover missions, upgrades and keys gold, adventure, or. You can develop your skills in the areas of strategy, diplomacy resource management, character development.


To interact with the various game menus, use your keyboard and mouse. You can increase your score, fight other characters, complete quests and converse with players and non-player characters.

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