lets you shoot zombies.

You suddenly find yourself trapped in a quiet town. The town is infested by zombies. SHOT’EM ALL!

Your vehicle can be used to construct an edifice or to defeat zombies. You can also join forces with your companions to take on the other survivors. You can unlock bonus ammunition, turrets, landmines…

What is your best score?


Be cautious not to be too close to them. They’ll try to slash you.

Zombies can hear your shots and enter vehicles.

You can dig into the earth or demolish buildings to find them.

You can get access to an upgrade or new building for every 100 zombies you bring down

Make sure you shift (Shift) in the event that your car gets stuck.

Make sure you have enough oil in the car.

Avoid shooting for too long, or the zombies will cease following you.

Commands: You can modify the commands by clicking on the Settings button.

Moving W, A.S. D / Z.Q S. D, or Arrow keys are the keys that allow for movement

Shoot: Left click

To build a structure: Right click/B

SPACE: Connect with us

Run / Drift in car: Shift

Change weapon: number/click on it/mouse Wheel

Click the button below for more information about building modifications

You can also join forces by clicking “Team up” and then forwarding the link to your acquaintances.

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