Squid Guard

Fiction typically tells stories through the eyes of the protagonist.

The cheers of the crowd are up for heroes who have overcome many obstacles. There always are two sides to every situation. It’s usually more fun to view situations through the eyes and perspective of the villains. This isn’t the ideal approach for all stories. The plot must be well-crafted in order to make it meaningful. This is illustrated perfectly by the Squid Game Kdrama.

Unknown organization invites people who have cash shortages to participate in an odd competition. The contests are based on real-life events that are loved by children across the globe. The producers make the contest appear more violent than it is. To punish losers and rulebreakers Special enforcers are equipped with deadly weapons. They can kill, but they’re not robots.

Human beings are faced with moral dilemmas. The Squid Guard game lets players step into their roles. The game recreates iconic scenes and puts them in a fresh light. Get rid of your red uniform and load the gun with ammo.

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