iogame is free. This game lets you play a dangerous marine creature that attacks your opponent with tusks placed on his head. Then, you decorate your weapon by the head of your victim.

You can choose to be a whale shark or a dolphin. There are more than 20 skins available for you to choose from, as well as a myriad of weapons.

How to PLAY

For Windows:

Move your mouse to direct your fish. Hold the button , and click to increase.

For Mobile:

1st Tap to control your fish with an D-pad. 2nd Tap to boost.


Stab or being stabbed mean instant death!

Make sure to buy food items to fill your tank!

You can earn points by killing enemies or eating food.

Your weapon will grow longer when you score more points.

Chain Bonus Explained

Below each fish is a different color ring.

The killing of fish using the same colored rings over and over again will reward you with Chain Bonus.

Hall of Fame

For a week, the hall of honor will serve as an exhibition for the top three players who have the highest scores on that day.

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