Starblast is a shooter with a theme of space. game that is addictive. You control a simple spaceship and collect gems to enhance your performance. When you’ve reached highest level of stats for a certain ship you can upgrade your model to another kind of spaceship that has a different weapon set and overall stats.

How do you play?

You can play passively by avoiding other players and collecting gem stones until your defenses are secure enough. You can also target other players while they are working or out and about. This is definitely more enjoyable according to me. I’ve noticed that larger ships usually have more friends than they need due to fear of being destroyed or because they are familiar with one the other.


There are two options available to control your ship in this game. You can use the arrow keys to steer your ship, and fire with the space bar. Or , you can utilize your mouse. Navigating using your mouse is as easy as pressing the right button and dragging while shooting with the left click. I prefer this method as you’re more in control of your actions.

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