stick war

Stick War

Stick War allows you to build mana, resources, and soldiers in order to defeat your enemies. This can only be achieved by using your stick figure armies. Are you ready for the role of leader in the Order nation?

How to Play?

There are six types of soldiers in Stick War. Miners are the first class of solider. Clicking on a miner will allow you to control him using Arrow keys and the space bar. The second is archidons. After clicking on an archidon, you can control it with your mouse and Arrow keys. The third is swordwrathes. To control a swordwrathes you must first click on him and then use space bar Q, Arrow keys, and Q to select him.

The fourth is magikills. Space bar, F, and Arrow keys are required to control magikills. The fifth is speartons. One of them can be controlled by the spacebar, F, Q, and Arrow keys. The sixth and final one are giants. With the Arrow keys and space bar, you can control a giant.

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