Stickman Ghost Online

Stickman is a basic but extremely powerful game. You only have to control jump and attack. These controls aren’t easy to master however they will become more efficient in the end. The ninja will always move forward, since time is restricted. To take out enemies, the player has to jump over obstacles. Simple, right? No! Every attempt will lead you to an entirely new level, with more challenges and rivals. Every step is a step closer. If a player is able to accurately time his attacks then he will be able to throw and reflect shurikens in the direction of him to make it easier.

Stickman Rusher online Beauty and the specifics

Running isn’t the only option. If the weapon you’ve got isn’t enough you can also collect white orbs. They are equivalent to money in the world. They can be used to purchase powerful weapons. However, it won’t enhance your ability to double-jump or jump. There is always a risk. Keving Gaming has plenty to keep you entertained.

Play the stickman rusher game and experience the action and speed of Ninja. You will be able to conquer every obstacle on your way to glory. Take on the Aku.

Video Walkthrough

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