Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D online lets you take on other players to evade and take on your opponents. This third-person shooter game for team-versus-team has stunning 3D graphics and gameplay elements that are very like action video games. It’s a great game to play for players of all ages, both old and new.

The battle is fought at the subway station. The layout of both sides is the same since the map is mirror-imaged. The base is where every Subway Clash 3D game starts. Then, you can grab an automatic rifle and head down the escalators to fight your foes. There is a rocket launcher in the middle. When it is first opened by the rocket launcher, it can cause massive damage to enemies at the same time.

If you’ve played these games before you’ll know the fundamentals of online shooting games. To move and strafe press A, S (orW), A A, then S to move. Jump by holding C. Hold C to kneel. Click LMB to shoot.

Subway Clash 3D Remastered is an updated version of the well-known game. It is playable on all modern browsers. You will enjoy the Deathmatch games played by teams in teams. Try it!

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