Tactics Core

Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA game game that is modelled on Strike Tactics.

You can take your units to the battlefield with a selection of powerful units that can be upgraded and upgraded based on the number of kills you score. Modern hover tanks, bombers, and fighter jets are all easily available. You can start as an air or artillery units like the Javelin (“basic unit”) or the Manta (air fighter”) units. To unlock more advanced units such as the Harpy or Gladiator Increase your kill count. Find more kills to unlock the super units like the massive flying battleship, as well as the Ion Cannon!

Each team starts with an indefinite supply. The killing of an enemy unit decreases the ticker of supply. Once the supply has reached zero, the defenses of the base become ablaze and the Command Center is vulnerable. As a unit, destroy the enemy Command Center before yours is destroyed!

Tactics Core was once called STBA.io which stands for “Strike Tactics Battle Arena”. It is the official spinoff of the browser RTS Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter game for iOS that is based upon Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core Controls

Most units use WASD movement. The Peregrine and bomber hover aircrafts however they can move wherever you put your cursor. Some units, for instance the Gladiator, have weapons that fire with a right-click. However, the majority of units fire weapons using left click. Most units have at least one feature which is hotkeyed to numbers keys. Zoom using the mouse wheel.

Tactics Core Strategy

To boost your level, try to be as long as is possible. When you’ve reached a certain number of kills proceed to more powerful units. Be aware of the health of your Command Center by observing the bars in the middle of the screen. If your team’s resources become exhausted, return to your Command Center to protect it!

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