TAME. TAME. TAME. Gather resources to build your own village.

To unlock new weapons or craft you can increase your level.

Gold is made by windmills.

Animals can be controlled and developed in epic battles!

Golden apples can be used to enhance the appearance and personality of your pet.

Each pet has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Electricity, Fire, Water and Stunt are all at your disposal. Once you have selected your pet, you will be able to manage them in the game. You can build your own army to take on other Tamers.


Shield button Your pet will be there to help you.

The sword button is used to attack any animal it comes across with its sword, excluding sleeping animals.

Hold the button in your hands

Skill button: This grants the pet access to a unique ability.

We will shortly provide you with more information.


Movement The keys to move are W, A.S. D /Z. Q, D or Arrow keys

Hit: Left click

Click on the settings button (the small knob) to alter or view the commands and performance.

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