Tetris is a classic game of puzzles. It was the first game with tile-matching that was on the market. Free Tetris is a faithful recreation of the original Tetris. It keeps the addictive gameplay style and easy rules. To take down rows you must match the pieces correctly. As you progress the speed of this game gets more intense!

Tips for Tetris

Free Tetris is a tricky game. Do you want to learn to perform better? These tips will help you improve your game.

Tip #1: Visualize rotations. Rotating blocks is a crucial aspect. It lets you see where each block will be placed.

Tip #2: Play flat. Horizontal rows will increase the chances of placing pieces in the correct place and ruining rows. Do not stack blocks that are higher than two pieces, or create a hole that is more than two blocks deep. A gap greater than two blocks can be filled by one piece.

Tip #3 – Look ahead. Free Tetris will show you which piece is appearing in the upper right. Once you’re confident with the game you can think about what you will do after you have dropped it.

Tip #4 Tip #4: Think quickly. Free Tetris requires quick thinking even though it may not always yield the most effective choices. The game gets faster when you eliminate more lines.

Learn more about Tetris

In terms of gameplay the free Tetris is very similar to the original Tetris game. To progress to the faster levels, you have to build more lines and earn a better score. It is easier to identify and distinguish pieces using color blocks. This makes it easier for you to make plans and recognize blocks.

The Tetris Legacy

Tetris was invented by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian software engineer. It was the first video game that used tiles that was available. It was influential to other genres like bubble shooters. It was later considered to be one of the most significant early video games. The original game has been a landmark in gaming history, despite the many variations that have sprung from it.

Tetris has been the subject of research. This research has had a profound impact on cognitive psychology as well as computation theory. To describe visual phenomenon that can occur when you play too many videogames such as the “Tetris Effect” is employed.


Web browser (originally Flash but now HTML5)


Use the arrow keys to rotate blocks.

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