Play Unit.io is an ingenious free game for all io-players in which you can make use of the flashlight to slay your opponents.


Unlit.io is a great site to play flashlight tag and hunt in your backyard with your friends at the night. Shine your flashlight at other players to increase their power, and then fade them out. You can also turn off your flashlight off so you’re not visible to other players. Think about your strategy while you move around the map. Then, you can fade as many players as you can.


To alter the intensity or length of the beam of light to alter the intensity or length of the beam, move your mouse left. When you’ve got enough power, hold and click to increase the speed.


If your flashlight is on, other players won’t be able to spot you unless they see it using their flashlight. You can leave your flashlight on until an opponent is close, and then sneak up behind them to blind them.


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