Vex 4

Vex 4 is a stick platformer that lets you climb or jump and swim through nine challenging actions. It’s the sequel to Vex3, which was a huge hit and is equally challenging for everyone.

Vex is a new challenging game. There are numerous obstacles to overcome. Your reaction will determine the level you reach. This episode is your chance to winning the title of Vex 4 Champion. Have fun!

Vex5 or the most recent Vex series Vex6, This edition comes with a variety of new features and completely new levels.

Release Date



Vex 4 was created by


  • Reflexes Cool Physics

  • 9 acts and the possibility of playing in hardmode

  • The challenge area is comprised of 30 floors.

  • Different trophies

  • Fourth game in the series, following Vex 2 and Vex 3


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • iOS


Vex 4 – Where can I find Vex 4 with no lag?

Vex 4 can be played online on Bunblocked Games.

Is Vex 4 a difficult sport?

Vex 4 is an interactive platform game that tests your reflexes and judgment.

When was the first time that Vex 4 released for the first time?


Is Vex 5 available?

Vex 5 is on its way, and it has been confirmed. The date of release for Vex 5 is not known.

Controls (How to Play)

  • Left/Right Arrow to Move

  • Jump with W and up Arrow

  • S or Down Arrow for Crouching (enter an Action)

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