Vex 5

Vex5 is the newest entry in the hardcore platformer series. The levels are more difficult and the gameplay is less forgiving this time. You have to run, jump over and slide through obstacles, be careful not to get killed by traps, and not fall to death. The animated stickman keeps acting as your protagonist. It is your job to ensure that you overcome all obstacles and reaches the end of each level.

Certain games that require platforming can be difficult to master due to their clunky controls. Vex 5 is different. Its brutal level design leaves no room for errors and makes it a harrowing experience. You could die at any point but you’ll have to start again from the last checkpoint. It is impossible to fail because the controls are so precise and smooth.

Vex 5’s traps form integral to the gameplay mechanics. There are many buzz-saws and spikes that are scattered throughout the levels that can disappear platforms or disappearing platforms. There are also other contraptions to avoid. To advance, you could also do more advanced techniques like wall-jumping.

Playing a Vex5 video game can help you take a break and escape from the daily grind. It’s free and plays in all modern browsers. Do you have the ability to overcome all obstacles and have the fastest time at each level? It’s time for you to discover!

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