WarCall.io lets players play a fantasy battle royale, where champions battle for supremacy in massive multiplayer arenas with melee weapons.

You can battle other players to earn gold or upgrade your game as the map shrinks. Click left mouse button to fight and keep it in place for distance attacks.

Keep an eye out for loot-boxes in the arena. These chests are a great way to find gold or other treasures. You can improve your equipment using gemstones or runes.

You’ll get more experience and will be able to purchase new equipment to increase your power. To ensure that you are the ultimate player on the field, you’ll be able increase your speed as well as damage and resistance.

Do you prefer to play fast and agile , or tank? There are many champions to pick from, each with distinct advantages. These options may change over time, meaning that you don’t know for sure what kind of champion you’ll get.

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