is a mobile-friendly ragdoll that also incorporates Physics, is where Santa Clause has to be assisted in moving the present pile to the floor.

Although they may be somewhat aggressive your trusted reindeer could help. There are two options to choose from either dismiss them or employ one of their many ways to behave.

This tutorial will explain how everything functions. * Complete more than 30 levels in two threads (2 ways). * Create maps for your friends to play with

* Refer to maps made by others to show that you that you are capable of solving the puzzle

* Call for the reindeers to fight

Join the Winter Land to show Santa the best time of the year!

How to play

Mouse or tap – ruin the platform

Left key – summons reindeer from left

Right-click on the screen and reindeer will be called from your right Strategy

Be patient and think about what happened to the platforms you destroyed. Make use of the reindeers if you’re stuck in a sticky situation Be patient (dumb animals that could be …)).

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