Wormax.io lets you control massive worms fighting their lives. You can play against other players from all over the globe and consume energy to grow larger and become the longest worm on Wormax.io! One rule will ensure your existence Do not run into another worm’s tail. You will instantly die, and all your food sources will be distributed to other worms.

Although there are many games similar to this in the.io section, many people still enjoy Wormax.io for its simple controls, stunning visuals, and thrilling gameplay. Move your mouse to control the worm. Click Q to speed up or LMB to slow it down. For a few seconds, press W. Depending on the situation you may also be completely invisible for 5 seconds by pressing. Are you trying to escape danger? To avoid your adversary, you might accelerate or become a ghost. Maybe you’re trying to trap your opponent. You can stop your tracks and get your opponent off guard, making them crash into your back.

Online games are constantly evolving. Wormax.io 2 is the sequel to the original Wormax.io. It’s going to be a shock on many levels. Wormax games are among the most enjoyable in their field, which is why there’s no need to pick between them.

Are you ready to become the best in the endless battles of this game? Are you able to outwit your opponents and get them to fall to the ground? How can you make sure that you have as much energy as possible to be victorious in every battle? You can try Wormax the game and its sequel to test your skills to the test.

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