Worms.lol, an iogame that’s free and slither-style available to download. It is a.io game that is aiming to be one of the most loved. In Worms.lol you are able to complete tasks to earn rewards, such as the hat, mouths with different designs eyes or glasses. You start the game as tiny worm. To increase your size and become the first player on the leaderboard, consume plenty of food. You can beat bigger worms by being smaller. All you need to do is to push their head towards your body. Worms.lol is expected to be the top player on the leaderboard.


It’s very simple to play. You can use your mouse to move the worm. The head of your worm will always point towards your mouse. You can also sprint by pressing the left button on the mouse. Be careful when you sprint because you’ll lose mass. Worms.lol lets you consume food and eat despite the size of your body. It all depends on your approach which could result in an accident that could be dangerous or even worm food. You must ensure that the head of the worm strike your body to eliminate a player. However, it is crucial to remember that once a person dies, they will transform into food items that can be consumed by anyone.


To receive all the fantastic rewards, you must complete all the challenges! You can also buy glasses, hats, hats and eyes. You can also customize your worm’s color by selecting different colors. The worm is controlled by the mouse’s movements. Its head follows your mouse’s movements across the screen. You can speed up the speed of your worm by using the space bar , but it will cause your worm to shrink if use it for too long.

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